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Project Quote Estimate

"...currently the best construction field estimator in the app store..." -BrokenCylon

Now For Your iPad Too!
-Separate versions for iPhone and iPad included.
-Create professional pdf quotes
-Includes all 19 different calculators and estimators to for materials and costs
-Lots of options!

Are you a contractor that needs to quickly make quotes for your clients in the field? Or maybe you are starting a home landscaping or renovation project, and need a quick way to estimate costs and quantities? Well, now you can create a professional pdf quote** and email it to your clients or yourself on the spot.

Project Quote Estimate lets you save your quotes to work on later, or modify existing quotes to your specifications. Project Quote Estimator includes many options like a company logo, address, signature field, disclaimer, tax, and any number of line items.

Easily edit, add, or remove each line item in your quote. You may also include a completion date or switch between dollars, euros, and pounds. You can save,recall, and delete your quotes as well.

When you're done, press "preview" to see how your quote looks, and finally "send" to email the quote wherever you want. Use new contact information, or use contacts in your address book. Also, you can save new contacts to your address book for future use.

This "Project" version also includes many tools to help you estimate and complete your job! Both Metric and English(Imperial) units are supported. (Click specific ones below for detailed descriptions)

- Professional unit converter
- General Calculator so you don't have to leave the app
- Paint Estimator
- Concrete, Gravel, and Mulch Estimator
- Drywall Calculator
- Asphalt Calculator
- Scale Calculator
- Finger Ruler that uses your screen to measure small items
- Acoustical Ceiling Tile Calculator
- Suspended Ceiling Tile Calculator
- Wallpaper Calculator
- Tile Calculator
- Staircase Calculator
- Spacing Calculator
- Sheathing/ Covering Calculator
- Roofing Materials Estimator
- Shape Area Calculator
- Seed and Sod Estimator
- Lumber Calculator

That's 19 different tools, and one very robust quote generator for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. As a value to you, all of this is only a few dollars! So, get Project Quote Estimate today, and get to work!

Also, if you don't need all of these options, we offer each tool separately in the app store, and a version that just includes the quote maker without the tools. To see all of our products, click below.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feature requests before or after downloading, please email us at We will get back to you very quickly!

**The pdf quote is compatible with Adobe Reader, and most others, but is not compatible with Google's viewer.

(note) To make a line item tax-free, type an asterisk next to the price. e.g. 4.99* instead of 4.99.
(note) To add a percentage discount/markup to an item, enter the price as such: price%percent. For example, 4.99%-10 will take a 10% discount off of 4.99. To take a percentage off of the subtotal, enter a line item with just a percentage in the price field. For example: Item: "Discount, Qty: (leave blank) Unit: (leave blank) Price: -20% will take a 20% discount off of the bill before tax.

Create a PDF quote
- Adobe Reader compatible
- Include (all optional)
    ◦ Company Logo
    ◦ Company Contact Info
    ◦ Customer Contact Info
    ◦ Current Date
    ◦ Date of Completion
    ◦ Customized Disclaimer
    ◦ Customer/Job Notes
    ◦ Signature Field
    ◦ Border
    ◦ Item Descriptions
    ◦ Item Quantities
    ◦ Item Units (does it come in lbs, bags, tonnes, etc)
    ◦ Extended Totals
    ◦ International Currency Options
    ◦ Custom Default Titles/ Translations for Internationl Use
    ◦ Bond, Profit, and Margin Options for Bids
    ◦ Custom Default Email Options
    ◦ Add Discounts/Markups to Line Items or the Entire Quote
    ◦ Make Any Item Tax Free (put an asterisk after the price)
- List Your Commonly Used Products
- Use Contacts From Your Address Book, or Add New Ones
- Intuitive Interface - Easy to Add and Remove Items!
- Save Quotes For Future Reference/Editing
- Save and Reuse Commonly Entered Items
- Preview Totals Before Generating the Quote
- Preview the PDF Before Sending
- Add Estimates and Totals Directly From Most of the Tools
- Email Quote Directly To Client and/or Yourself
- Customize Email Before Sending if Desired

19 Tools To Help You Estimate Your Job
- Add Labor To Any Individual Tool for Different Hourly Rates
- Send Totals From Most Calculators/Estimators Directly To Your Quote
- Metric or English/Imperial Unit Support on Any Estimator/Calculator
- General Calculator - So You Don't Have to Leave The App For Basic Calculations
- Professional Unit Converter - Convert Between Units of:
    ◦ Temperature
    ◦ Mass
    ◦ Area
    ◦ Pressure
    ◦ Speed
    ◦ Length
    ◦ Time
    ◦ Volume
- Concrete Gravel Mulch Estimator
- Paint Estimate
- Wallpaper Estimate
- Drywall Estimate
- Spacing Calculator
- Asphalt Estimate
- Staircase Estimate
- Tile Estimate
- Roofing Materials
- Sod/Seed Estimate
- Lumber Estimate
- Acoustic Ceiling Estimate
- Suspended Ceiling Estimate
- Shape Area Calculator (Cirlces and Triangles)
- Finger Ruler
- Sheathing Estimate
- Scale Ratio Calculator
- Click the Individual Calculators Below For More Details
Frequent Updates
Quick Customer Service Response
Good Overall Value For Everything Listed Above

Let us know if you have any questions or if you want any features added to the next update!    

Q.  How do I make a single item tax free?
A.  Type an asterisk after the price.  e.g. 4.99* instead of 4.99.

Q.  How do I change the calculators to display Metric units?
A.  Press the "Metric/ English" button towards the bottom of the Calculator.

Q.  How do I save a list of common items/materials so I don't have to enter the same thing over and over for each quote?
A.  Tap "You" then "More" then "Edit Saved Items."  Here you can add and delete commonly used materials to prevent typing the same things continuously.

Q.  How do I group or reorder my commonly used items?
A. Tap "Edit" in the upper right corner of your products list. Then drag the different rows to your desired order.

Q.  What are the Bid Options, and why are they used?
A. They will automatically add a line item to your pdf quote with a percentage based on your subtotal of all other items. For example: If the subtotal for your quote is $50, and your "Profit" is 10%, then a line item titled "Profit" will be added for the amount of $5. You could also perform this manually.

Q.  How do I discount a line item?
A. Enter the price, a percent symbol, and then the percentage discount. (7.00%-20 would take a 20% discount off of $7). To discount the entire quote, just enter a line item for the percentage discount. ( -20% would take 20% off the entire bill). You can also mark up items and quotes using the same methods.

Q.  Where are the "Tools" in the iPad Version.
A. The tools, calculator, and unit converter are all accessible from the "Quote" screen on the iPad version. Tools and the converter have a separate buttom at the bottom on the iPhone version.

Q.  How do I Save or Load a quote.
A.  On the "Quote" screen, press either the "Save" or "Load" buttons.

Q.  How do I save customer contact information?
A.  A customer's information is automatically saved with any quote. Alternatively, you can save or retrieve contact info using the "Save Contact" or "Get Contact" buttons respectively.

Q.  My app has locked up.  What should I do?
A.  First, that shouldn't have happened, so please send us an email to let us know.  Next, delete the app from your device (and computer if applicable) and re-download it from iTunes. This will reset any app you have from the app store, and is a good thing to try for any app that locks up for no obvious reason. Currently for apps, Apple won't charge you again to re-download. Be careful though; for songs,videos, and other things, they will.

Q.  Well, that didn't help much.  I have a question that you didn't cover.  What should I do?
A.  Send us an email at and we will get back with you very quickly!

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